3 Things I Got Out Of The Xbox One Event

This post is a direct afterthought of the Xbox One reveal. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to do that.

So here goes my ramblings.

1. I´m very excited
For being a self-proclaimed Xbox fan, I´m truly excited about the new Xbox, or Xbox One as I should call it now. Although I don’t see myself using the functions like voice to Kinect, because I have enough awkward situations in my life, the things I care about – graphics and engine – looked pretty good from the little we saw.

I must give props to the people behind Call of Duty for giving us a little more details then the others did. Seeing the details on the skin and lightning really helped with the impression.

2. Microsoft is so lame
For those who follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet on how I think Microsoft is lame.


Now if you saw this to late, you might have thought this was a comment about the whole event. On the contrary, this was more of a comment towards the many «informercials» they showed.

It started off with these folks under, and lets just say: we didnt enter a cool jazzbar as the event started.

Microsoft n00bs

Secondly, I am no marketing specialist, but I´m pretty sure you could do more creative stuff then having the people behind NFL casually interviewing Microsoft about the Xbox. This goes back to all the impressions I have of Microsoft as a company from commercials to meeting them at events. They are simply a lame company.

3. Don´t pretend to be a gamer – please
This is more of a stupid thing to be annoyed by, but I find it to funny when a man or woman who probably doesn’t give a crap about games tells us how they just got out of a awesome session with some racing game. You can´t fool the internet.


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