Apple with a stand-alone camera?

I find it hard to believe, but there´s been some rumors of Apple maybe getting into the stand-alone camera business. Ok, its not technically the first time Apple has a camera if we look back at the Quick Take, but lets be good to ourselves and ignore that point in history right now.

«In Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder was quoted as saying that his desires for the future involved the reinvention of three industries: television, textbooks, and photography. With Apple’s iBooks Textbooks initiative for the iPad underway and the company reportedly working on television from both hardware and content sides, it has been unclear exactly what Jobs and Apple might have had in the works to address photography. Isaacson’s biography did note that Jobs had met with the CEO of Lytro, creators of an innovative new light field camera system, although it is unclear how much direct interest Jobs and Apple had in Lytro’s technology.»

«As much as iPhones (and iPads) have improved in camera technology over the past two years, Apple’s goal is to keep slimming them down, which limits the light-gathering and zoom capabilities of camera sensors and lenses – image quality compromises. A standalone digital camera could accommodate a bigger sensor and integrated zoom lens, which Apple would select as a “satisfies most needs” option rather than offering detachable lenses. Lytro’s minimalist body for the Light Field Camera shows how simple it could get, but Apple would want a much larger screen.»

The reason I find it hard to believe is because Apple will come in a awkward space between the pretty good iPhone pictures and really good Canon 5D pictures. It´s a fair point that Apple is slimming down their devices each year, but the technology of lenses and flashes will also keep evolving.

If Apple does however go for the camera, they will be in a lot of markets:

  1. Computers
  2. Phones
  3. Tablets
  4. Cameras
  5. Routers (arguably not being that aggressive on this one)
  6. Cloud
  7. Music
  8. Video renting and streaming
  9. Software
  10. Television (both Apple TV and Apples new TV)
Safe to say, a lot of these markets go hand in hand, but its the issue of keeping the focus on simplicity and specialty prior to «WE HAVE EVERYTHING!!!»

I can totally understand why Apple would enter this market, seeing that the iPhone 4 is the most popular camera over Canon 5D and the four iPhones is on the top of being the most popular smartphones at Flickr.

Flickr stats for smartphones

The huge benefit and really the reason for iPhones popularity as a camera is thats its a really good phone with a really good camera. Its the device we have with us everywhere and the camera we mostly will use if needed. Sure, some bring around a camera too, but is it enough so Apple should focus on it?

Dont get me wrong; I´m curious to see this allegedly camera from Apple, but they probably dont have any rush of pushing it out.