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Giphy now with Facebook Messenger Integration

I’m, as I’ve probably written a hundred times, a huge fan of .gifs (pronounced with a G, not J). Frankly, if I can use a .gif for a response rather then text, I’ll probably do that. This is how I feel after I send a really good .gif response. When I saw Facebook Messenger was […]

I tried the NBA 2K15 face scan – and it was pretty bad

I’m a huge NBA 2K fan. For what it’s worth, I think it’s the only basketball game worth playing (until NBA Jam comes back with yet another sequel). With that said, I must say it hurts a bit to write this post. But, ah, screw it. Here goes… When NBA 2K15 was announced  it showcased […]

Your brain never forgets a memory

I found a great article in Wired UK Oct 14 issue (p. 76) where Ben Ambridge touched upon a subject I have thought a lot about. The mind never forgets a memory; the bottleneck is simply that we can’t retrieve it at will. Roger Shepard showed his participants 600 pictures, each for just a few […]

Killing The Creative Block

Dear reader, This post is more for me to write for myself rather then covering the general crowd. With that said, you are more then welcome to embark on a short journey of ramblings with me. You see, I’ve gotten the terrible flu of a creative block. I already hear the chants of «Lasse, there […]

My experience buying 1000 Twitter followers

It was a cold, dark evening in February. With lack of inspiration or will, I was evedentilly in my annual hibernation – following tradition as a true Norwegian. Quite frankly: I was bored. So what do you do when you´re bored and not inspired? You find that credit card and use those hard earned (kind […]

Innovation, Have You Forgotten Beardovation?

Each year, there is an organization named Movember that happens. If you are unaware of what it is, the short rundown is that a bunch of men shaves their beard so they can, for some months, save up for a moustache – giving focus toward men’s health. More importantly (at least for this article), a […]

My Thoughts On iOS 7 Icons

I love the iOS 7 update. The new and refined functionalities really makes this a not only stronger OS, but OS that feels new. What I really can’t justify though is the super ugly icons. Of course, design is a very opinionated thing, but these mothers look like they came from a 15 year old […]

How To Get Teens To Vote In Norway

It’s currently the election in Norway and, like every time, number on teens (age 18 – 25) voting is dramatically low. The reason is simple: teens have other things to care about. Frankly, listening to politics can be both confusing and boring. I’m not a “political enthusiast”. I have chosen one or two parties I like […]

Testing the Revo DS-4 dolly (Video)

I think there’s two things that can make the most boring videos cool. Slow motion and use of dolly. Since my Canon 5D Mark 2 doesn’t support 60 fps shooting, I had to settle with a dolly. I’ve seen that The Verge does A LOT of video with the Pico Dolly. Therefor, I was gonna […]