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I drove the Tesla Model S in Oslo

I am not a car guy. If someone would ask me what I think about the Audi R8, my mind franticly wanders away to find the perfect, sarcastic .gif response, rather than pretending to know what car it is. However, when you give me a fully electric car with advanced technology, beautiful looks and a […]

My Opinion On The Gold iPhone 5S

You know those times when you have to have an opinion, but you really don’t? The gold (or champagne) colored iPhone 5S, that most likely will be shown 10th of september, is one of those cases. When I first heard about a «Gold iPhone», I got a bit skeptical. Is Apple really making something that […]

Canary – The Sexiest Home Security Device That You Can Buy

I’ve always wanted some home security. Not that I really need it, because I live in a apartment with pretty good security, but it’s so cool. I would guard my dungeon from evil forces – with techy stuff. It’s a perfect combination of nerdgasm and a manly-matcho satisfaction. The problem with home security is that […]

Is It All Really Worth It?

Sometimes I sit and wonder if it’s a good thing. You know, to have that constant battle. The never satisfying feeling of trying to do something amazing, so that people will remember you, but never really achieving it. The brutal honesty is that it creates uncertainty, depression, sacrifices and long hours. Between you and me; […]

Short Informational Video About The Hyperloop

As many may know, Elon Musk and his team has released the alpha plans for the Hyperloop. Now, I’ll write enough about this in the future, but if you don’t want to rock the 57-page .pdf Tesla has created, you can check out this YouTube video.

This Is Another Post About That iPhone Mini (with .gifs)

It´s getting close to September and by following tradition, Apple will host an Apple event the 10th of September. That´s *gasp* two days earlier than last year. This is my usual response when I see a post about Apple events. However, every time I see a post about the iPhone Mini, I get sad. I’m […]

How One Genius Wants To Create Super Kids

Whether we like it or not, parents with the motivation—and cash—will one day be able to select traits for their darling offspring. We can already detect scores of genetic diseases early by screening embryos created in vitro. And the more we learn about the genome, the more traits we’ll be able to select for or […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom – Future of Home Entertainment?

Microsoft is in my impression such a split company. On the one side, they are the stale company that can´t fully evolve because they in the 90´s was so effective in selling computers and software, they have to maintain it´s users and enterprise costumers that has no interest in innovating. The other side is Microsoft […]

I´m Gonna Blog For 30 Days

With the lack of a blog posts in a very long while, I´ve set myself a personal goal = blog a post everyday, starting today, for 30 days! *CUE AMAZING PICTURE OF AMAZING PEOPLE!!* You´re probably thinking «WOW, what a unique idea that you´re blessing the Internet with». Hehe, well… I´m just a humble man […]