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Opacity in Sparrow for concentration

I like sending emails. I actually do. Well, at least if it creates something positive out of it for my end. But seeing I write a lot of emails that demand my full concentration,  I came up with a feature I hope Sparrow could implement. Yes, Sparrow is kind of dead, but I´m stilling hoping for a comeback […]

How To Delete Every Comment On A WordPress Site

I usually don´t write that much about WordPress, but I´m currently helping out a business with their blog. Over time they have gathered a massive amount of comments. Sadly, about 99% of these where spam-comments. To make it a bit more sad, they have approved a lot of these comments as legit. This of course […]

3 Things I Got Out Of The Xbox One Event

This post is a direct afterthought of the Xbox One reveal. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to do that. So here goes my ramblings. 1. I´m very excited For being a self-proclaimed Xbox fan, I´m truly excited about the new Xbox, or Xbox One as I should call it now. Although I […]

How The Concept Of The Smart Watch Is Really Annoying

After using the Pebble for a while, and reading about the rumors on iWatch and other smart watches, I´ve come to a conclusion: The concept of smart watches are both really awesome and really annoying. Does this make me an fighter against innovation? No, but hear me out: I´m a fan of my privacy. On […]

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

I am in love with Pixar. If it´s one company I look to as my heroes, they are it. Therefor, I got pretty excited when I found the post «Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling» by Aerogramme Writers’ Studio. Here´s some of my fav. points. You should check out the others at their site. 1. You admire […]

To Think Like An Athlete

I like to set my goals as an athlete, rather then something else. I know, it can be ironic seeing that my stomach get´s bigger by the day – but it´s the pure simplicity of having a goal to achieve by practice and hard work. Need to be a faster runner? Practice running. Need to […]

The Rebuilding of Othercastles

After releasing Othercastles, the feedback has been truly amazing. So many people has shared their opinions and feelings, mirroring the very reason why I created Othercastles. Over this time, I have learned. I have learned that we can make Othercastles even better. I want to make Othercastles an archive of inspiration – no matter what […]

Beautiful Video Using RED EPIC With 500m Cable

I got forwarded a video that an old friend of mine had collaborated on. It has such beauty, so I had no other option then to share it on. Using a RED EPIC camera on a 500m cable, ANTIMEDIA have created one of the most beautiful extreme sports videos I have ever seen. From now […]

Why I Created Othercastles

For as long as I remember, I´ve had this yearning for inspiration and an urge for chasing my dreams. It may seem silly to create a unique point out of something that is second nature to a lot of people, but I think there´s a key difference to this. There are those who have their […]