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iPhone, The Competitor To Everyone Else

After watching todays keynote, I had a sort of an epiphany. Or rather realization. Or something I´ve thought about for a long time, but failed on typing. Either or, when Phil Schiller showed the iPhone 5 today I couldn’t help but compare it to other smartphones. I think it´s a damage to my brain from […]

Indie Game: The Movie

If your planning to watch one documentary this year, let it be Indie Game: The Movie. It´s such a beautiful crafted portrait of four different developers/designers that make some really cool games. The games are Fez, Super Meat Boy and Braid. Indie Game: The Movie is such an inspiring movie that if your remotely interested […]

Apple with a stand-alone camera?

I find it hard to believe, but there´s been some rumors of Apple maybe getting into the stand-alone camera business. Ok, its not technically the first time Apple has a camera if we look back at the Quick Take, but lets be good to ourselves and ignore that point in history right now. «In Walter […]

I Dont Get You, Facebook App Team

For being one the biggest sites in the world, I find it weird to see how Facebook treats their iPhone app. It´s not that it completely sucks, altough I may be guilty of saying a few times, but it has some weird bugs that just makes the whole thing wonky. The bugs arent a few […]

Interview: How One Magazine Will Handle iPads Retina Display

There´s been a lot, and I mean a lot, of talk around iPad and it´s Retina Display. How it will demand too large of files that will quickly fill up the storage, possibly melt down and ruin your life as we know it. I therefor asked a magazine on how they would manage this. I´m not […]

Why there is no iPad 128GB

With the new iPad being released yesterday, which by the way was a really good update, there where some mumbles around Apple not launching an 128GB iPad. This made me think: Why didn´t Apple ship a 128GB iPad? To solve the mystery, I´ve speculated 3 reasons: The cost – Maybe Apple simply thinks it will […]

Review of iZettle

  When you write or podcast on the interwebz, you usually tend to attract a lot of free apps and products for testing. Safe to say, most of the stuff you get aren´t that great and end up never written about – rather stored in a shelf ready to be given away. Some times though, […]

Jailbreak My Mac, Please

I wonder if we one day have to jailbreak our Macs. It may seem kinda odd now, but with the way Apple clearly are going with the OS X (Mountain Lion & Gatekeeper), I wouldnt be suprised that OS XI (11.0) will be hand in hand with iOS. Imagene: OS XI and iOS merging together […]

My New Custom Steve Jobs Rear Panel For iPhone 4S

I´m not a big fan of being called a fanboy. And although I still don’t like it, because it takes away my opinions because of being that, it´s kinda hard to hide the obvious. I, as you may have seen, are indeed a boy (where as the male gender) and I´m a huge fan of […]

Two iPad´s In 2012? Just Press So I Can Get My View´s Up!

Remember the rumor about the death of iPod Classic? How it year after year was said that it would be discontinued? It´s exactly those vibes I´m getting from the «2 iPads in 2012» rumors that dominates the major tech-sites. Do I believe them? Nope. So why do major sites do it? One word: Fucking heaps […]