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This is my new job

As some of you might have seen on my twitter, G+ or Facebook is that I´ve started a new job. My first week is over and while I kick the virginity out the window, I thought I would give you a heads up what I´ll be doing. The company that hired me is Metronet. A […]


From being self-appointed Instagram fan, I´ve the last couple of days tried to get in on whats the hottest thing do take photos of right. Of course, you can take pictures of whatever you want, but the point is that Instagram has some cool, but odd trends. One of the biggest is #fromwhereistand which is […]

Very cool Eboy banner at Oslo S

It´s been some horrific, yet beautiful days here in Norway. No one can deny the horrific, cold blooded terror that happened july 22. But, the beautiful aspect has been the after match. The time when all Norwegians stood, and stand, together to face the hate and terror – with love and democracy. It´s actually with […]

Testing Canon 5D video

I did some testing on my Canon 5D. I´ll be using the camera mostly on podcasts, but maybe on some other projects to. Here´s a really quick video I did to just test out some portrait images.

Some small thoughts on Google+

So a lot of you guys have probably heard Google realizing it´s new «social media phenomenon»: Google+. People recon it as the facebook-gone-good site where, at least for the time being, you have more power to control the feed of news and status updates with circles – which is true. I´ve made an account and […]