Canary – The Sexiest Home Security Device That You Can Buy

I’ve always wanted some home security. Not that I really need it, because I live in a apartment with pretty good security, but it’s so cool. I would guard my dungeon from evil forces – with techy stuff. It’s a perfect combination of nerdgasm and a manly-matcho satisfaction.

The problem with home security is that it´s really ugly or very expensive. Well… that was until *dun dun daaaaa* Canary was created.

Canary is like a can of sweet, sexy and juice tech that will protect you from fires, burglary or other misc scenarios (vampires using your apartment as a safehouse. Because it’s a dungeoun). It gives you a HD image of your flat and records if there’s any movement or rapid heat.

You can buy this of until 26th August for $199 and up.



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