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My Thoughts On iOS 7 Icons

I love the iOS 7 update. The new and refined functionalities really makes this a not only stronger OS, but OS that feels new. What I really can’t justify though is the super ugly icons. Of course, design is a very opinionated thing, but these mothers look like they came from a 15 year old […]

My Opinion On The Gold iPhone 5S

You know those times when you have to have an opinion, but you really don’t? The gold (or champagne) colored iPhone 5S, that most likely will be shown 10th of september, is one of those cases. When I first heard about a «Gold iPhone», I got a bit skeptical. Is Apple really making something that […]

This Is Another Post About That iPhone Mini (with .gifs)

It´s getting close to September and by following tradition, Apple will host an Apple event the 10th of September. That´s *gasp* two days earlier than last year. This is my usual response when I see a post about Apple events. However, every time I see a post about the iPhone Mini, I get sad. I’m […]

Apple with a stand-alone camera?

I find it hard to believe, but there´s been some rumors of Apple maybe getting into the stand-alone camera business. Ok, its not technically the first time Apple has a camera if we look back at the Quick Take, but lets be good to ourselves and ignore that point in history right now. «In Walter […]

Jailbreak My Mac, Please

I wonder if we one day have to jailbreak our Macs. It may seem kinda odd now, but with the way Apple clearly are going with the OS X (Mountain Lion & Gatekeeper), I wouldnt be suprised that OS XI (11.0) will be hand in hand with iOS. Imagene: OS XI and iOS merging together […]

My New Custom Steve Jobs Rear Panel For iPhone 4S

I´m not a big fan of being called a fanboy. And although I still don’t like it, because it takes away my opinions because of being that, it´s kinda hard to hide the obvious. I, as you may have seen, are indeed a boy (where as the male gender) and I´m a huge fan of […]

Two iPad´s In 2012? Just Press So I Can Get My View´s Up!

Remember the rumor about the death of iPod Classic? How it year after year was said that it would be discontinued? It´s exactly those vibes I´m getting from the «2 iPads in 2012» rumors that dominates the major tech-sites. Do I believe them? Nope. So why do major sites do it? One word: Fucking heaps […]

Will there actually be an iPad 3 in 2012?

I´m willing to put a dime on that there will be no iPad 3 in 2012. Never mind the omg-there-will-be-two-ipads-next-launch rumor. Think of more that iPad 3 probably will come in late 2012 or 2013. If we´re looking on how Apple has done the iPhone the last couple of years, its really easy to see […]

Why Apple´s earbuds suck

Ha, you probably thought this post was dedicated to how much Apples standard earbuds suck. Well, I gotta disappoint you. The positive thing in this though is that I´ve figured out why they suck – or at least I think I have. Isn’t it weird that Steve Jobs, a self proclaimed music lover, would allow […]

The iPhone 4S is a good update

With the iPhone 4S being released yesterday, a huge wave of critics rose up saying that it was a bad upgrade. Really? When you add up all the rumors you get, pick out the cool stuff that you wish for and then convince yourself that it´s happen – you will get disappointed. But when you […]
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