How The Concept Of The Smart Watch Is Really Annoying

After using the Pebble for a while, and reading about the rumors on iWatch and other smart watches, I´ve come to a conclusion: The concept of smart watches are both really awesome and really annoying. Does this make me an fighter against innovation? No, but hear me out:

I´m a fan of my privacy. On the contrary from a lot of other people, I can easily entertain myself and am very rarely bored. Because of this, I do like to isolate myself (to the irritation of my very patient friends). If someone calls, I´ll admittedly ignore it from time to time.

Ignoring a phone is easy. I just set in on silent and put it away. When I’m back from my blackout of inspiration or killing spree in BF3, I can respond to those who have tried to contact me.

Ignoring a vibration on my wrist is hard. It’s so hard to ignore, I want to slap the innocent person that tries to call me. It’s not their fault at all, but being interrupted by a feeling of 10 tiny dogs enthusiastically humping my hand is not a positive sensation.

The notion that everything needs to be connected to social media and notifications is wrong in my opinion. My whole day usually consists of interruptions and distractions. I want to pick when I feel like being connected. Not when the world wants me to be connected.

Will I buy the iWatch? Probably… I love the idea of controlling different things from my smart watch. But if I can, I will probably rock the “do not disturb” function a lot.


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