I´m Gonna Blog For 30 Days

With the lack of a blog posts in a very long while, I´ve set myself a personal goal = blog a post everyday, starting today, for 30 days!


Super Happy People yay!

You´re probably thinking «WOW, what a unique idea that you´re blessing the Internet with». Hehe, well… I´m just a humble man that likes to put my stamp on this world. But, I´ll of course say that I created this concept if anyone asks – like every other «social media experts». I´m not an expert though, just, you know, humble.

I´ll probably do a vast array of topics. It will be a lot of techie things that I find cool, but also personal stuff. I miss doing personal stuff, and there´s quite a bit of happening these days. Heck, I´ll do some videos too!

I´m doing this, because I genuinely miss blogging. I don´t have a comment field, but I´m hoping we can do the commenting on my Twitter.

So this first post is about me saying I´m gonna blog. Which is nice, because now I can relax until tomorrow.


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