Innovation, Have You Forgotten Beardovation?

Each year, there is an organization named Movember that happens. If you are unaware of what it is, the short rundown is that a bunch of men shaves their beard so they can, for some months, save up for a moustache – giving focus toward men’s health. More importantly (at least for this article), a lot of shaving happens in this period.

I am a self proclaimed beard lover. Although I do not possess a long and mighty beard, I have over time grown a pretty decent one. I like it, because like most other beard lovers, it makes me both more smashing and masculine at the same time. What I don’t like is the shaving part and this is the part where innovation has failed big time.

Lasse Olsen with beard
Me, worried, because I need to shave soon

Every time I shave with a machine, there is hair everywhere. Little, sticky hair that just won’t go away. Where innovation has blossomed in some areas, shaving hasn’t really changed as a whole since around 3000 BC when copper tools was developed. The major difference is probably just less blood and pain, but still as much hair on the floor.

I think it’s mighty time to gather our knowledge and finally resolve this issue that, really, affects the whole world.

Dear Innovators, here are some ideas you can freely use:

  • put a vacuum cleaner in my electric shaver
  • use laser to burn off a wanted distance
  • create a mechanic where the shaver scoops the hair in a small container

Stop the pain. Start the innovation.


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