iPhone, The Competitor To Everyone Else

After watching todays keynote, I had a sort of an epiphany. Or rather realization. Or something I´ve thought about for a long time, but failed on typing. Either or, when Phil Schiller showed the iPhone 5 today I couldn’t help but compare it to other smartphones.

I think it´s a damage to my brain from reading way to many tech sites and working with very geeky people. Every smartphone, or rather OS, has its really cool functions and functionality.

Android has its quirks and perks with some equally fancy drag-your-finger-around-for-things-to-happen (I know there´s more. Relax). Windows Phone is just really different which, in its self, makes it exciting. But all of this made me realized that the iPhone is a proper solid phone.

Apple didn’t completely change the iPhone, but they added and perfected from what it already was. Why change something that isn’t broken? They don´t do any mind-blowing risks, but for a device I cant be without all day, it is most important for me that it works well.

I dont know. Maybe this was a obvious shout in the wind, but its true.

Oh btw, Apple just pushed the iPod Nano to be more as a camera.