Is It All Really Worth It?

Sometimes I sit and wonder if it’s a good thing. You know, to have that constant battle. The never satisfying feeling of trying to do something amazing, so that people will remember you, but never really achieving it.

The brutal honesty is that it creates uncertainty, depression, sacrifices and long hours. Between you and me; I have never really been close to 100% happy with something I’ve made.

But, If I where to look at how my life could be in the more «normal» route. Safe job, a big house in rural area and multiple kids. It really doesn’t do it for me.

I mean no disrespect to anyone on how they choose to live their life. As long as you follow your wish and passion, I don’t care.

It’s just a stamp of approval on that I’m choosing the correct route. How vain it may sound, my goal in life is to live of my hobby and make lots of money on it. Simple. If this makes me take a more uncertain route, I’m putting on my shield and my armor and I get ready for battle.

My life is my hobby and my hobby is my life.


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