I´ve lost a friend

Today, I lost a friend.  

It´s hard to put words on something that you thought (or wished) would never happen. I´ve starred on this document, blindly, trying to figure out what to write. But when it comes down to it all: what do you write about when you lost a friend.

Sometimes you don’t need to explain that your sad. Sometimes, silence is the best way.

I´ve lost a friend and I am from the bottom of my heart very, very sad.

56 years is far to young to pass away. But I will remember all the good things that has happened. We have lived through a revolution in technology and we have lived with a genius. A genius that will live with us for all the years to come not only to inspire, but to set the standard on how technology should work.

Today, we lost a friend, but we will never forget. 

I will miss you Steve Jobs.


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