Jailbreak My Mac, Please

I wonder if we one day have to jailbreak our Macs. It may seem kinda odd now, but with the way Apple clearly are going with the OS X (Mountain Lion & Gatekeeper), I wouldnt be suprised that OS XI (11.0) will be hand in hand with iOS.

lasse olsen

Imagene: OS XI and iOS merging together into something called OS.

Gatekeeper is the new, well, Gate Keeper for the Mac. By default you can´t download software unless it´s from the Mac App Store or a «Identified Developer». You can adjust the settings to be only downloads from Mac App Store or have it like today where it downloads everything.

One day, instead of seeing «how to jailbreak iPhone» articles, we will see «how to jailbreak Mac».

The question in all of this is pretty clear. Is this good or bad?

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