Microsoft IllumiRoom – Future of Home Entertainment?

Microsoft IllumiRoom

Microsoft is in my impression such a split company. On the one side, they are the stale company that can´t fully evolve because they in the 90´s was so effective in selling computers and software, they have to maintain it´s users and enterprise costumers that has no interest in innovating. The other side is Microsoft Research. The guys and girls that pushes technology and ideas. It´s really like they are two different companies. I like the last one the best.

I came over a video of Microsoft IllumiRoom demo. With a projector, it creates a environment outside the framework of the TV with light and abstract images. It can even do 3D effects.

Some may say Oculus Rift is the future of gaming, which I don’t disagree on, but this has to be the future of home entertainment. The disadvantage with Oculus Rift is that it really just entertains one person. Sure, it´s fun to see someone play with the Oculus Rift, usually creating a delightful mix of a stoned person and omg-double-rainbow man. The fun in that will probably fade over time though. The Microsoft IllumiRoom creates a whole atmosphere that drags you in the experience.

I just think IllumiRoom is so amazing and I want it now!

Microsoft: Please stop, shut up, and take my money!

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