My New Custom Steve Jobs Rear Panel For iPhone 4S

Lasse Olsen

I´m not a big fan of being called a fanboy. And although I still don’t like it, because it takes away my opinions because of being that, it´s kinda hard to hide the obvious. I, as you may have seen, are indeed a boy (where as the male gender) and I´m a huge fan of Apple – because they make brilliant products.

To celebrate my, ehm, love, I bought a rear panel to celebrate Steve Jobs. It´s bought on, but they have pulled it after I bought it. I gave around $35 for it and it was actually super easy to install. I followed the the iFixIt how-to without any problems.

So, here´s some pictures of the transformation. And yes, I need to change the front panel.

Apple Norge

This is how you look with a new rear panel, sitting casually by the window

iPhone 4S

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