Opacity in Sparrow for concentration

I like sending emails. I actually do. Well, at least if it creates something positive out of it for my end. But seeing I write a lot of emails that demand my full concentration,  I came up with a feature I hope Sparrow could implement.

Yes, Sparrow is kind of dead, but I´m stilling hoping for a comeback from the people behind it.

I bring you: *Dun Dun Daaaaa* Opacity on background with Sparrow mail:

Blurred email with Sparrow

It shouldn’t be a demand that every mail needs to have blurred out background, but rather a check box or hot key that could ignite it. In some sorts, Sparrow could be the Ommwriter for emails.

Here´s a image with and without the blur.

Mail with blurred screen Sparrow

Would love to hear what you think of this. Tweet me at @hanlasse.


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