Review of iZettle


When you write or podcast on the interwebz, you usually tend to attract a lot of free apps and products for testing. Safe to say, most of the stuff you get aren´t that great and end up never written about – rather stored in a shelf ready to be given away. Some times though, you get that product. The product you wished you had done yourself.

iZettle is one of these products.

Lasse Olsen

iZettle is basically a payment terminal in your pocket. It works with all iOS devices and lets you charge customers/friends/foes with either VISA, MasterCard or Diner.

iZettle in it self is totally free and has no monthly fee´s. It costs 1,50 NOK + 2,95% of total sum per transaction to use. Yes, that´s a little more then a credit card terminal, but a credit card terminal costs a lot of money to rent. This is even as safe and regulated as using your card at lets say 7eleven.

Lasse Olsen

You can even build a own portfolio with products with sub products with individual prices and images.

Some examples can be:

  • Hat – $4.99
  • T-shirt
    • Black – $9.99
    • Yellow – $15.99
  • Dragon – $999

When logged in, you can see all your transactions, where they where sold, what product sells the most and what gives you the most revenue. It just works. 

In my opinion, this is on the verge on revolutionary because it opens up so many doors for businesses and individuals that in the old way couldn’t charge costumers with VISA. Yes, there is Square in the states that was first, but they use the stripe on the card rather then the chip which is the new European standard.

In all my love for iZettle, I get a little sad that Sweden again builds a genius product while Norway sit on the sideline.