Some small thoughts on Google+

So a lot of you guys have probably heard Google realizing it´s new «social media phenomenon»: Google+. People recon it as the facebook-gone-good site where, at least for the time being, you have more power to control the feed of news and status updates with circles – which is true.

I´ve made an account and although it seems pretty cool, there are some issues that I´m struggling to get past. Maybe it´s the people that praise Google+ in an effort to quickly establish themselves as Google+ expert that confuses my mind with thoughts such as «what´s the big deal?»

Yes, Google+ has it´s advantages over Facebook where your able to control your feed way more than selectively click on certain profiles to trick EdgeRank. Circles ables you to make some nice niches groups such as «Apple people», «over 16» and so on. People tend to hate on Facebook tough when it´s become so big. It´s not Facebook. It´s just that you have horrible friends on the site that updates bad statues.

The other thing is that although circles has a pretty nifty way to add people and discard them, it´s still a bit of a hassle to actually make new circles and add those that deserve to be there.

I don’t know. Maybe I´m such a Twitter lover that I miss the simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, Google+ is young and I am exited to see how it goes.

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  • Well, you know - you can just use one circle and lump everyone into that and pretend Google+ is Twitter if you like. That said, both Twitter and Facebook has ways of narrowing the focus (Lists on Twitter and Facebook). The problem is that those features seems more like add-ons on Twitter and Facebook, and is more a part of the core on Google+. I have two lists (friend and unknowns) on Facebook, I have a few more on Twitter, and quite a few already on Google+ that I have been a part of now for a little over a week.

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