The Rebuilding of Othercastles

After releasing Othercastles, the feedback has been truly amazing. So many people has shared their opinions and feelings, mirroring the very reason why I created Othercastles.

Over this time, I have learned.

I have learned that we can make Othercastles even better. I want to make Othercastles an archive of inspiration – no matter what your interest must be. We need more heroes that pushes for naive thinking and clears the way for the fact that success is possible, no matter who you are or where you come from.

This is why we are taking our time to rebuild Othercastles.

What will happen:

  • We are rebuilding the sites design
  • We are inviting more amazing illustrators

How can I stay updated

Follow Othercastles on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and our newsletter.

When will we finish

We have an amazing designer and developer on our team. The site will be done in a very short time, but until then keep chasing.

Crew Othercastles