This is my new job

As some of you might have seen on my twitter, G+ or Facebook is that I´ve started a new job. My first week is over and while I kick the virginity out the window, I thought I would give you a heads up what I´ll be doing.

The company that hired me is Metronet. A Oslo-based company with 25`ish workers that focuses on SEO optimizing, E-shopping, social media, Adwords, Web analyzing, design and coding.

We do a lot of stuff, but we basically work with the internet to optimize for companies that choose to hires us.

MetronetMy job will be social media. I know, i know, shockingly they didn’t see my potential in SEO optimizing which my google search clearly shows that I´m a genius at, but it´s very exiting and challenging to work with social media.

I´m a «advisor in social media» on paper and that let´s me try to help companies succeed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other networks.

I feel so lucky to work with so many talented people. It´s a really good vibe in the office and I cant wait to see what the future will hold.

And don´t worry. I´ll come with some cooler pictures some other time.


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