To Think Like An Athlete

I like to set my goals as an athlete, rather then something else. I know, it can be ironic seeing that my stomach get´s bigger by the day – but it´s the pure simplicity of having a goal to achieve by practice and hard work.

Need to be a faster runner? Practice running. Need to jump higher? Skip ropes. Need to hit that jumper? Shoot over and over again until it becomes second nature.

It´s by these thoughts that makes me isolate myself when working on projects. If I could choose, I would lock myself in a small room with a laptop, a couple of energy drinks and Spotify. Maybe that´s one of my faults, since I´d rather work on a project then mingle with the «correct people». It´s too cluttered for my taste. Too many people that I really don’t care about that only want to sell themselves.

I just want to practice and work.