Twitter and Facebook needs Siris API

With Apples new addition to the iPhone lineup, Siri has by far been their driver for sales. This makes me think of apps that actually can benefit the API.

A lot of apps can use it, but two it´s probably close on a rise.

Twitter and Facebook – It´s a given – but they would have a pretty natural use of Siri. Although it quickly can get messy on Facebook if your doing anything else than changing statuses or answering messages, Twitter seems perfect for adding short messages on the go.

Seeing that Twitter´s now integrated with iOS 5, it makes sense.

This could allow you to not only send out tweets and DM´s, but hear who´s been sending your @replies, DM´s or a list over trending topics. Some lines could be like:

«Tweet working on a project which needs a photographer. Anybody up for the job? Hashtag photography»

«DM hanlasse that the meetup is tomorrow»

«Whats trending on Twitter?»

You could pretty much do anything. It´s all up to how far you can go without things being to cluttered.