Two iPad´s In 2012? Just Press So I Can Get My View´s Up!

Remember the rumor about the death of iPod Classic? How it year after year was said that it would be discontinued? It´s exactly those vibes I´m getting from the «2 iPads in 2012» rumors that dominates the major tech-sites.

Do I believe them? Nope. So why do major sites do it? One word: Fucking heaps of clicks. Ok, that was five. But it´s important to emphasize why I call bull on this one.

Apple iPad 2 2012

It leaves me really no choice but to hang up the mighty bull flag and say that there probably will not be two iPads in 2012.

Why would Apple stress with making two iPads a year? If this would happen, they would start a trend, whether they like it or not, where iPad in Q1/2 is shit and the good iPad comes in Q3/4. Thereby, sales would go down on the first iPad.

I´m calling three iPads in Q2. One normal 9´7″, one cheaper 7″ with lesser prossessor and one 11″ with SD and USB slot, ultra Retina Display and unicorns coming out of the screen – feeding me with grapes in a slightly sexual, but still classy way.

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