Very cool Eboy banner at Oslo S

It´s been some horrific, yet beautiful days here in Norway. No one can deny the horrific, cold blooded terror that happened july 22. But, the beautiful aspect has been the after match. The time when all Norwegians stood, and stand, together to face the hate and terror – with love and democracy.

It´s actually with great pride I say I´m a Norwegian these days.

As I walked through Oslo S, which is dead silent these days, I saw a huge banner outside on Jernbanetorget. Though I´m not quite sure who actually made it, Eboy was a name that popped in my head.

A guy sent me a link to the background history of this art/banner. It´s in Norwegian, so be aware but definetly, worth a read.

I´m a huge admirer for Eboy´s work and I think it´s a really cool gesture to celebrate #oslove and Norway.

Click to go large on this bad boy


  • Hanne-Christine Flåten
    Åja, artig. Så det er egentlig et gammelt verk som de har satt opp igjen.

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