Why Apple´s earbuds suck

Ha, you probably thought this post was dedicated to how much Apples standard earbuds suck. Well, I gotta disappoint you. The positive thing in this though is that I´ve figured out why they suck – or at least I think I have.

Isn’t it weird that Steve Jobs, a self proclaimed music lover, would allow mediocre headphones to all their devices as a standard.

It´s something that I have thought about for a long while, but recently came up again when I read the biography.

Apples standard headphones lasseolsen.com

So what´s negative with the earbuds?

    1. They break easily
    2. They get dirty easily
    3. The sound isn’t all that

These three points can be summed into one point – cost – and that is why Apple have these as standard headphones.

Think about it

The earbuds only costs $29 which is a price most can pay. So when they brake which, let´s be honest, they will, it isnt that much of a investment to buy some new ones.

Because they have a mic. Because they are white. Because it signifies that the customer uses Apple – people want them.

Apple could have shipped better earbuds, but these are good enough so the user will accept them. The user will keep buying them because they are good to have. The general audience may think they aren’t the best, but it works.

Default earbuds isn’t famous for being super great, so why should Apple go to great strengths to meet a picky niche when they will end up probably buying headphones from another brand.

All in all, the earbuds is fine. And people buy heaps of them. Which = $

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  • Markus
    Its so true. Another reason is that for most people the earbuds work just fine and for the peeps who care about their headphones have bought them before they buy their iPhone.