Why I Created Othercastles

For as long as I remember, I´ve had this yearning for inspiration and an urge for chasing my dreams. It may seem silly to create a unique point out of something that is second nature to a lot of people, but I think there´s a key difference to this.

There are those who have their dreams and goals and think that it would be nice to one day accomplish these dreams.

Then there are those who lie awake at night. Those who are willing to sacrifice the outside world. Those who are never satisfied, because their goals and dreams get bigger by the day. Those who think their work will actually make a difference.

I will most likely never achieve all of my goals or my dreams – but I will sure as hell try.

Othercastles was created because I wanted to learn and be inspired. And I know I´m not alone in wanting this.

I want to listen to the stories of people who inspire me and from where I can learn. People who have chased their dreams and accomplished amazing things. People who are not yet done with their goals – ´nor will they ever be.