Why there is no iPad 128GB

With the new iPad being released yesterday, which by the way was a really good update, there where some mumbles around Apple not launching an 128GB iPad. This made me think: Why didn´t Apple ship a 128GB iPad?

Lasse Olsen

To solve the mystery, I´ve speculated 3 reasons:

  1. The cost – Maybe Apple simply thinks it will be too expensive for most consumers to buy a 128GB iPad.
  2. To messy – Too many choices. With potentially four versions (16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB) there will simply be to much clutter in the iPad line.
  3. Create demand – This is my fav. reason. iPad is being re-invented every year, so naturally Apple wants customers to buy new iPads every year. With the 128GB iPad, consumers might get to settled with the larger investment they just did and not wanting to upgrade. With 64GB being the largest cap, people tend to fill up the hardware, being frustrated with to many apps and clutter and then wanting to buy a new one when it comes out.

Especially after Retina Display, the apps will get larger and iPads will much faster get filled up.

One can also say that it´s a conflict with the Macbook Air.