Will iChat be Apple´s new contact hub?

It´s not a chocker, but there is lots of rumors summing around iMessage being added to OS X shortly after iOS 5 comes out this october. So will this mean that iChat will be the complete hub for contacting on the Mac? I imagine so.

When iMessage was introduced in june it gave users the opportunity to «send unlimited text messages» to other iOS users. It´s basically just a chat-function (sort of) wrapped in a SMS skin, but still cool. And, after hearing the news, the first thing that popped in my head was that this will be on the Mac as well.

Lasse Olsen

In doubt? Just look at FaceTime. The problem with FaceTime though is that it just seems so out of place on the Mac. The app just sits by it self without that many features and generally still. I refuse to image that iMessage will get the same treatment.

Macrumors have posted some rumors that iMessage will be implemented in iChat, which leads me to the title: Will iChat be Apple´s new contact hub?

By that I mean that iChat will be chat-, iMessage and FaceTime software, all in one, with a updated design. iChat has been pretty dead the last couple of years and by doing this it could not only retrieve some life, but make it easier for the user.

That at least what I hope will happen. iChat has been drifting away while FaceTime sits by itself. iMessage would be the perfect opportunity to merge them all together. Hey, maybe even iCal could match it in the design.


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