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Giphy now with Facebook Messenger Integration

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I’m, as I’ve probably written a hundred times, a huge fan of .gifs (pronounced with a G, not J).

Frankly, if I can use a .gif for a response rather then text, I’ll probably do that.

This is how I feel after I send a really good .gif response.

Miley Cyrus gif

When I saw Facebook Messenger was getting apps, I was like

Dont care

But then a friend of mine sent me a integrated .gif. And it played inside the chat.


I started looking more into it and I got more and more excited.


Now this will basically be my whole day. Trading .gifs with others.

Nude on phone

Thanks Giphy and Facebook <3

Read more about the Giphy and Facebook Messenger integration here.

I tried the NBA 2K15 face scan – and it was pretty bad

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I’m a huge NBA 2K fan. For what it’s worth, I think it’s the only basketball game worth playing (until NBA Jam comes back with yet another sequel). With that said, I must say it hurts a bit to write this post. But, ah, screw it. Here goes…

When NBA 2K15 was announced  it showcased the face scan. With the PS4 camera, you could get your face on a custom player as you play career mode (MyCareer).

Evidently from the video under, the technology was good enough to make anyone a little wet in the panties (I sure was).

I was ecstatic. I bought the game. Borrowed a PS4 camera. Giggled home to my apartment. Tried it. Failed. Tried it again. Failed again. Tried again until I got the epiphany that it wasn’t my fault. The face scan simply didn’t work.

The scan is based on a score sum from 0 to 8000 where 6000 and over gives the best result. Of course, scoring that high of a number is an impossible feat to accomplish. And, before you say the lightning or my technique was wrong, just, don’t, because I tried EVERYTHING!.

This is me, rather happy, because it was early in the process, trying out the scan.

Lasse Olsen testing NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

It seemed it didn’t have enough light, so I fixed that.

Lasse Olsen testing NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

After that didn’t give the result I wanted, I tried to do it in front of the window with heaps of natural light. This was the result…

Face scan of Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. photo

Having it look like my face was melting can be cool, but since I’m a bit to superficial I gave it another go. Now, after a lot of tries I was able to create this face.

Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. photo

It doesn’t seem like that bad of a result, but oh god was it. It’s quick to notice when you start playing the game.

Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. PhotoAgain, it may be hard to see from the images, but the result was off. I say this because every time I look at these pictures I think to myself «ha, that wasn’t too bad», but when I turn on the game I quickly realize that yes, it was that bad.

Now, I feel I’m done with this rant of a post. I hope they adjust this and come back with it it NBA 2K16, because it is a very cool function. Playing as myself in a NBA game is my only shed of light at that dream of becoming a professional basketball player.

I also hope they add some decent tattoos for career mode. I wrote the last part in case some from 2K read this. Hi, 2K!

And listen, some have actually managed to get decent results. Like this guy:

Then there’s this:

I tried making my character a bit cool by changing it’s style – or at least get a feel on how I would look in corn rows (ladies would love that)

Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

But, at the end, I ended up looking like this guy.

NBA 2K15 MyCareer. photo

From all the face scan drama, at least the game is very good.

Your brain never forgets a memory

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I found a great article in Wired UK Oct 14 issue (p. 76) where Ben Ambridge touched upon a subject I have thought a lot about. The mind never forgets a memory; the bottleneck is simply that we can’t retrieve it at will.

Roger Shepard showed his participants 600 pictures, each for just a few seconds. They were then asked to identify a previously seen picture from a series of pairs, each containing an old and a new picture. The findings were remarkable: the average person was able to recognise the old picture 98 per cent of the time.

– Ben Ambridge

How often have you suddenly gotten a burst of remembering something that seemed forgotten. It never left – it just needed the right time to come back.

Killing The Creative Block

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Dear reader,

This post is more for me to write for myself rather then covering the general crowd. With that said, you are more then welcome to embark on a short journey of ramblings with me.

You see, I’ve gotten the terrible flu of a creative block.

I already hear the chants of «Lasse, there is no such thing as creative block!!» which I’m politely will disagree and ignore. But, if it pleases more, you can call it lack of inspiration, creative dent, rainy brain or omg-where-is-my-inspiration!

I tried the waiting game with this creative block, seeing if I suddenly get a burst of inspiration without any luck. Now it’s probably time to do something more pro-active.

So, wish me luck on killing the creative block.

And yes, you just read the whole post.

Under is a image of me illustrating having an creative block, to empathise the frustration of this post.

Lasse Olsen thinking hard

My experience buying 1000 Twitter followers

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It was a cold, dark evening in February. With lack of inspiration or will, I was evedentilly in my annual hibernation – following tradition as a true Norwegian. Quite frankly: I was bored. So what do you do when you´re bored and not inspired? You find that credit card and use those hard earned (kind of) money on something you really don’t need. In this case; 1000 Twitter followers.

It’s probably not hard to understand, but I’m not running for the mr. #SoMe election with this article. Buying followers isn’t something a whole lot of people talk about (although I can pick out quite a few that is way to lame to have that many followers), ´nor do I directly support the notion of buying fake followers. With that said, I was curios on how it actually worked.

Before and after buying a 1000 Twitter followers.

@hanlasse Twitter - Lasse Olsen

How do you buy 1000 followers?

Go to and choose which platform you want (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and pay those money.

For me, it took around 2 days to get the followers. Under is me, when I saw all the followers.

Lasse Olsen

Was it super-duper cool??

As cool as a in-app purchase for Boom Beach. Feels like the best decision you´ve done before you do it, but after you start to think if it was really necessary.

Don’t me wrong; Having a 1000 more followers on Twitter is pretty sweet. For a couple of days I walked with a chest like a roost. Seeing though that I’m not really doing anything special on Twitter, it hasn’t magically given me more followers. Sure, maybe someone has seen my account and thought «Dang, that boy be livin´ it up!!», but it hasn’t resulted in a lot more organic followers. Only some, but that’s probably because they see I live it up.

If you´re looking for some kind of boost for your account, this can be a tool, but you will get disappointed if you think this is a quick fix to SoMe-stardom.

And yes, the followers slowly, but steady unfollows you.

Innovation, Have You Forgotten Beardovation?

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Each year, there is an organization named Movember that happens. If you are unaware of what it is, the short rundown is that a bunch of men shaves their beard so they can, for some months, save up for a moustache – giving focus toward men’s health. More importantly (at least for this article), a lot of shaving happens in this period.

I am a self proclaimed beard lover. Although I do not possess a long and mighty beard, I have over time grown a pretty decent one. I like it, because like most other beard lovers, it makes me both more smashing and masculine at the same time. What I don’t like is the shaving part and this is the part where innovation has failed big time.

Lasse Olsen with beard

Me, worried, because I need to shave soon

Every time I shave with a machine, there is hair everywhere. Little, sticky hair that just won’t go away. Where innovation has blossomed in some areas, shaving hasn’t really changed as a whole since around 3000 BC when copper tools was developed. The major difference is probably just less blood and pain, but still as much hair on the floor.

I think it’s mighty time to gather our knowledge and finally resolve this issue that, really, affects the whole world.

Dear Innovators, here are some ideas you can freely use:

  • put a vacuum cleaner in my electric shaver
  • use laser to burn off a wanted distance
  • create a mechanic where the shaver scoops the hair in a small container

Stop the pain. Start the innovation.

My Thoughts On iOS 7 Icons

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I love the iOS 7 update. The new and refined functionalities really makes this a not only stronger OS, but OS that feels new.

What I really can’t justify though is the super ugly icons. Of course, design is a very opinionated thing, but these mothers look like they came from a 15 year old media student. Honestly, look at them.

I get the style Apple is going for, and I get that Apple wants to separate themselves from iOS 6, but the weak lines and general design of the icons really puts shame to iOS 7’s general beauty.

My worst fear (with the iOS) is that other developers and designers will copy Apples style.


How To Get Teens To Vote In Norway

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It’s currently the election in Norway and, like every time, number on teens (age 18 – 25) voting is dramatically low. The reason is simple: teens have other things to care about.

Frankly, listening to politics can be both confusing and boring.

I’m not a “political enthusiast”. I have chosen one or two parties I like and I stick with them. These parties focuses on things I think is important: future technology, entrepreneurship, a greener country and economy separate from the oil. Generally, the parties will do good for both me and my country, I hope.

Did I care about this when I was a teen? No.

So how can we make more teens vote? We combine two of the things that is important to teens:

– The feeling of being a part of a group
– Internet

1. Creating a group

Let’s trigger the feeling of being part of a group, rather then guilt tripping as we do today.

New slogan will be: “I am a voter”

Sounds to simple? Well, the current line people use is “I have voted. Have you?”. This line pushes a statement that “I am currently more involved in the status of my country then you”. It deletes the feeling of being a part of a group and rather remind you that you haven’t done something you should. Can we remember this feeling as a teen?

If we change it to “I am a voter”, we create a “group” of voters. Teens, or humans in general, like to be part of a group – even if they don’t directly know it. It’s part of our survival instincts as humans. If you push this message with personalities teens actually care about (celebrities, sports people, musicians etc), you can maybe reach the teens.

In the same way, by using a noun instead of a verb you give more authority to the slogan. To compare it to something else, look at the difference on authority between «I blog a lot» vs «I am a blogger». The last one both sets me in a category/group and gives no question of what I do.

How to get teens to vote

Mock up of billboards on a bus stop. Putting in celebs teen might care about, the teens might gain some interest. Also, rather then having very serious pictures, the campaign will have a light hearted feel to it.

2. Internet

Have. the. damn. voting. online.

Heck, I’ve been thinking about not voting, only because I have to visit a booth and physically turn in my vote. And I live in Oslo, where these booths are everywhere and open at all hours (they aren’t 24/7, but you get the point). Think about everyone outside the big cities, where the options are more slim.

If the government really wants to make teens vote, they have to make it online.

Connect the voting with Altinn (Norwegians know what this is) and the chances of hacking or cheating gets slimmed down.

Agree or disagree? Give me a tweet.

Testing the Revo DS-4 dolly (Video)

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I think there’s two things that can make the most boring videos cool. Slow motion and use of dolly. Since my Canon 5D Mark 2 doesn’t support 60 fps shooting, I had to settle with a dolly. I’ve seen that The Verge does A LOT of video with the Pico Dolly. Therefor, I was gonna buy that, but then I found the Revo DS-4 which was $20 cheaper and seemingly just the same product.

So, I bought it and made a little video.

For the shoe mount, I bought the Vello Ball Head. If I where to choose again, I would probably choose something like the Oben BA-0 Ball Head – as it seems way more sturdy. Maybe I didn’t tighten the Vello good enough, but it made some of my shoots a bit jiggly.

The Revo DS-4 in itself is really good and easy to use. It sturdy when I used my Mark 2 with some heavy objects and the skater-wheels make it go fairly smooth.

It is pretty hard using a dolly as far as controlling the focus goes, especially if you’re going front to back or vise versa, but doing shoots with circular motion wasn’t that bad.

Other then that, I’m very happy with my purchase and I will probably use this on a lot of feature product videos.

And yes, that is my very cute dog Bob Skywalker.

Revo DS-4 side - Lasse Olsen Revo DS-4 side - Lasse Olsen Revo DS-4 - Lasse OlsenRevo DS-4 side w/camera Revo DS-4 side w/camera