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Will there actually be an iPad 3 in 2012?

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I´m willing to put a dime on that there will be no iPad 3 in 2012. Never mind the omg-there-will-be-two-ipads-next-launch rumor. Think of more that iPad 3 probably will come in late 2012 or 2013.

If we´re looking on how Apple has done the iPhone the last couple of years, its really easy to see the pattern:

    • iPhone 1G
    • iPhone 3G = iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4 = iPhone 4S

Only a major launch happens every-other year. Blame it on the 2-year contracts, the need to work extra on major releases if you will. The matter of fact is that the next iPad will probably be a speed bump from iPad 2. Let´s call it iPad 2S.

Of course, this is just a guess from my side, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is a wild one.

On the other hand, I hope I´m wrong.

Why Apple´s earbuds suck

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Ha, you probably thought this post was dedicated to how much Apples standard earbuds suck. Well, I gotta disappoint you. The positive thing in this though is that I´ve figured out why they suck – or at least I think I have.

Isn’t it weird that Steve Jobs, a self proclaimed music lover, would allow mediocre headphones to all their devices as a standard.

It´s something that I have thought about for a long while, but recently came up again when I read the biography.

Apples standard headphones

So what´s negative with the earbuds?

    1. They break easily
    2. They get dirty easily
    3. The sound isn’t all that

These three points can be summed into one point – cost – and that is why Apple have these as standard headphones.

Think about it

The earbuds only costs $29 which is a price most can pay. So when they brake which, let´s be honest, they will, it isnt that much of a investment to buy some new ones.

Because they have a mic. Because they are white. Because it signifies that the customer uses Apple – people want them.

Apple could have shipped better earbuds, but these are good enough so the user will accept them. The user will keep buying them because they are good to have. The general audience may think they aren’t the best, but it works.

Default earbuds isn’t famous for being super great, so why should Apple go to great strengths to meet a picky niche when they will end up probably buying headphones from another brand.

All in all, the earbuds is fine. And people buy heaps of them. Which = $

Twitter and Facebook needs Siris API

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With Apples new addition to the iPhone lineup, Siri has by far been their driver for sales. This makes me think of apps that actually can benefit the API.

A lot of apps can use it, but two it´s probably close on a rise.

Twitter and Facebook – It´s a given – but they would have a pretty natural use of Siri. Although it quickly can get messy on Facebook if your doing anything else than changing statuses or answering messages, Twitter seems perfect for adding short messages on the go.

Seeing that Twitter´s now integrated with iOS 5, it makes sense.

This could allow you to not only send out tweets and DM´s, but hear who´s been sending your @replies, DM´s or a list over trending topics. Some lines could be like:

«Tweet working on a project which needs a photographer. Anybody up for the job? Hashtag photography»

«DM hanlasse that the meetup is tomorrow»

«Whats trending on Twitter?»

You could pretty much do anything. It´s all up to how far you can go without things being to cluttered.

I´ve lost a friend

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Today, I lost a friend.  

It´s hard to put words on something that you thought (or wished) would never happen. I´ve starred on this document, blindly, trying to figure out what to write. But when it comes down to it all: what do you write about when you lost a friend.

Sometimes you don’t need to explain that your sad. Sometimes, silence is the best way.

I´ve lost a friend and I am from the bottom of my heart very, very sad.

56 years is far to young to pass away. But I will remember all the good things that has happened. We have lived through a revolution in technology and we have lived with a genius. A genius that will live with us for all the years to come not only to inspire, but to set the standard on how technology should work.

Today, we lost a friend, but we will never forget. 

I will miss you Steve Jobs.

The iPhone 4S is a good update

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With the iPhone 4S being released yesterday, a huge wave of critics rose up saying that it was a bad upgrade. Really? When you add up all the rumors you get, pick out the cool stuff that you wish for and then convince yourself that it´s happen – you will get disappointed. But when you take a moment to think about it you can see that it was actually pretty good.

It´s twice as fast as iPhone 4, has a way better camera and supports our new overlord; Siri. Would it sell well if Siri came on the iPhone 4 too? Fuck no. But this is the key future of the iPhone 4S.

The biggest complaints on the update was the lack of new design and 4 inch screen.

Which makes you wonder.

If the iPhone 4S actually had a new design, people would be out of their seats right now – throwing white pigeons to celebrate the marvels of Apple and how they conquered a new lead on the mobile market. The design, which is kinda superficial. It would be awesome with a new design, yes, but the iPhone 4 look is pretty damn cool.

But a 4 inch screen would have been waaay cooler.

Or would it? I read an interesting post on the screen capital on iPhone 4 (3,5 inch) vs Samsung Galaxy II (4,2 inch) [which has been the popular comparison]. Although it seems cool with a bigger screen, the size makes it more clunky to use.

It´s easy to get caught up in specs, rumors and numbers when it all comes down to usability.

The iPhone 4S is a good update.

Thank you, Diggnation

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The title may signify that someone died,  but luckily it´s not that dramatic. Today Diggnation announced that they will end their awesome podcast in december. Though totally understandable, it´s sad sad news for all of us fans.

I´ve gotta say that 7 years is a pretty good run for a web series. They are a huge inspiration and a dear friend on sunday mornings. The episodes that´s left will truly be enjoyed to the fullest (as they always are).

I will now go an cry in my corner, as I reminisces all the beautiful barf-beer-at-computer-moments, but be sure to watch the reminder of Diggnation if you haven’t.

What will happen to the iPod?

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In the year of streaming, one might wonder what will happen to the iPod line when Apple holds it´s iPhone event October 4th. It´s not a new phoneme with «death of iPod» speculations. The iPod Classic has been the favorite dead-gadget-walking victim the last couple of years, but with the music industry changing as it is something is bound to happen.

It´s not that I´m saying Apple will kill the iPod line on the upcoming event.But, where as a focus where iPod Touch will gain a even greater role, the other iPods will probably not get a update at all.

iPod´s will still be on the market though – and sell good. Streaming is the future for music, but many customers want the option to have a flash hard drive where they can store their music. iPod will not die. They will just have a way less role in Apple´s big focus group.

To sum it all up, iPod will still be alive only with less focus. iPod Touch on the other hand will be a step closer the iPads mini-me with a copy on the design and maybe a 3G option. Gasp! Can it be? Well, with the iMessage in iOS5, it is possible, but thats a whole chapter for itself.

Apple may do something drastic with the iPod line so they can stream (maybe new service from Apple soon), but until then the iPod will have to sit on the sideline as other products fill up the spotlight.

Will iChat be Apple´s new contact hub?

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It´s not a chocker, but there is lots of rumors summing around iMessage being added to OS X shortly after iOS 5 comes out this october. So will this mean that iChat will be the complete hub for contacting on the Mac? I imagine so.

When iMessage was introduced in june it gave users the opportunity to «send unlimited text messages» to other iOS users. It´s basically just a chat-function (sort of) wrapped in a SMS skin, but still cool. And, after hearing the news, the first thing that popped in my head was that this will be on the Mac as well.

Lasse Olsen

In doubt? Just look at FaceTime. The problem with FaceTime though is that it just seems so out of place on the Mac. The app just sits by it self without that many features and generally still. I refuse to image that iMessage will get the same treatment.

Macrumors have posted some rumors that iMessage will be implemented in iChat, which leads me to the title: Will iChat be Apple´s new contact hub?

By that I mean that iChat will be chat-, iMessage and FaceTime software, all in one, with a updated design. iChat has been pretty dead the last couple of years and by doing this it could not only retrieve some life, but make it easier for the user.

That at least what I hope will happen. iChat has been drifting away while FaceTime sits by itself. iMessage would be the perfect opportunity to merge them all together. Hey, maybe even iCal could match it in the design.

Why YouTube is better then Vimeo for podcasts

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Some of you may know my podcast loveapple TV. Since the very start, expect one or two episodes, I hosted the series on Vimeo. Now 33 episodes later, I´ve moved back to YouTube. This has set the minds of many great people in bends of why I would do such a thing. To start off, it might be good to see what my needs are around a video service

    • Easy to upload and share
    • Easy for viewers to share
    • Works on all platforms
    • Good statistics
    • Being able to host advertising
    • Being able to grow beside my main viewer source (

And since we are on the point´s section, I thought I´d without further ado write out some pointers where YouTube is better compared to Vimeo for my use.

    • Statistic – Since it´s Google owned, the statistic function is pretty  solid. I can easily compare which video is more popular, what sources led to views on my video and where people fell off in the video (just to mention some)
    • Users – It´s just more users and more common to surf on YouTube. This can potentially lead to more viewers that necessarily didn’t read
    • Advertising – It´s always good to have this option open. Vimeo doesn’t allow advertising at all.

These are some few, but very important that will help the podcast grow. Of course I could mention some more, but come on… I don´t want to slaughter Vimeo – which is really awesome at what they do. fafa In my mind, YouTube is far superior than Vimeo for my use. And I say my use because Vimeo has a way different usage field then YouTube. In YouTube you can basically upload anything from concert videos to omg-that-kitten-is-fucking-hilarious videos. Vimeo on the other hand is more a service for professional photographers, artists and so forth. I imagine Vimeo being sponsored by Canon 5D because some of the most beautiful videos on the internet are shown on Vimeo. It´s all in the name too for Vimeo (Video + me = viMEo) which I think is pretty cool. Ah, I´ve rambled on. Anyway, don’t worry. I still love you Vimeo. And you looks waaaay better then YouTube.

Twitter Search is so broken

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I´m a pretty avid user of Twitters advances search. I like that it let´s me narrow the search down to specific words like «apple, mac, iphone, fcp» and users 100 miles around Oslo. The only problem is that it´s so massively broken.

It would make sense that when Twitter bought Summize in 2008 (now Twitter search), they would do some major improvements – which they might have, I didn’t use it that early – but the result are so varied on whatever order you write the keywords.

For instant; if you write the keyword mac before apple, you will get a slightly different search result then if you would have written apple before mac.

Maybe it´s because I sit with the search open eight hours a day that I´ll go a little blind by the minor bugs, but it´s still something a big company as Twitter should make a greater effort towards. Because being able to search through tweets is one of the key elements to Twitter.