My Thoughts On iOS 7 Icons

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I love the iOS 7 update. The new and refined functionalities really makes this a not only stronger OS, but OS that feels new.

What I really can’t justify though is the super ugly icons. Of course, design is a very opinionated thing, but these mothers look like they came from a 15 year old media student. Honestly, look at them.

I get the style Apple is going for, and I get that Apple wants to separate themselves from iOS 6, but the weak lines and general design of the icons really puts shame to iOS 7’s general beauty.

My worst fear (with the iOS) is that other developers and designers will copy Apples style.


My Opinion On The Gold iPhone 5S

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iPhone5 gold edition

You know those times when you have to have an opinion, but you really don’t? The gold (or champagne) colored iPhone 5S, that most likely will be shown 10th of september, is one of those cases.

When I first heard about a «Gold iPhone», I got a bit skeptical. Is Apple really making something that can be portrayed as cheap? No offense gold, but a lot of cheap knock offs is often gold.

Though, seeing the assumably champagne colored iPhone 5S, I quickly got used to it. It just blends in with the other iPhones in my opinion – like a second choice for the white version.

This Is Another Post About That iPhone Mini (with .gifs)

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It´s getting close to September and by following tradition, Apple will host an Apple event the 10th of September. That´s *gasp* two days earlier than last year.

This is my usual response when I see a post about Apple events.

Lasse Olsen

However, every time I see a post about the iPhone Mini, I get sad.

Lasse Olsen

I’m also pretty certain a kitten dies. A lot of kitten dies in my posts.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the rumors. Heck, I’m 99.9% certain a cheaper iPhone will come – because they have it today. Apple just calls it iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. By calling it iPhone 5C, they will take away the last design body (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S) and replace it with the new iPhone 5C. This way, the supply chain can stop producing Apple’s old unit and focus on the three models: iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. It’s basically just a logical logistic change. If a iPhone 5C doesn’t come, they will have iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The iPhone 4S will then not be as popular as a brand new iPhone 5C and create less demand = higher cost to produce.

So why would they add color to the iPhone 5C? There´s two things I think is important here:

Familiarity – A lot of parents have probably bought iPod Touches to their kids. By making the phone very much like the iPod Touch, it’s more lucrative for the parents to choose iPhone 5C because it gives a safe familiarity.

From kids to parents – Apple’s focus has been for a lot of years to market their products to teens and young people, so they will influence their parents to buy Apple products too. It’s much easier that way, instead of market to older people so they can «sell» to teens and young people. When is the last time you heard a teen say they needed a product because their parents used it.

The issue is that I really don’t care about the rumors before it happens. The talks about a iPhone Mini has been talked about since 2008/2009. Every year, it’s been announcement that a iPhone Mini will come. And EVERY YEAR it hasn’t. Therefor, I’m just gonna lean back and not stress about a iPhone 5C that might not show up.

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Apple with a stand-alone camera?

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I find it hard to believe, but there´s been some rumors of Apple maybe getting into the stand-alone camera business. Ok, its not technically the first time Apple has a camera if we look back at the Quick Take, but lets be good to ourselves and ignore that point in history right now.

«In Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder was quoted as saying that his desires for the future involved the reinvention of three industries: television, textbooks, and photography. With Apple’s iBooks Textbooks initiative for the iPad underway and the company reportedly working on television from both hardware and content sides, it has been unclear exactly what Jobs and Apple might have had in the works to address photography. Isaacson’s biography did note that Jobs had met with the CEO of Lytro, creators of an innovative new light field camera system, although it is unclear how much direct interest Jobs and Apple had in Lytro’s technology.»

«As much as iPhones (and iPads) have improved in camera technology over the past two years, Apple’s goal is to keep slimming them down, which limits the light-gathering and zoom capabilities of camera sensors and lenses – image quality compromises. A standalone digital camera could accommodate a bigger sensor and integrated zoom lens, which Apple would select as a “satisfies most needs” option rather than offering detachable lenses. Lytro’s minimalist body for the Light Field Camera shows how simple it could get, but Apple would want a much larger screen.»

The reason I find it hard to believe is because Apple will come in a awkward space between the pretty good iPhone pictures and really good Canon 5D pictures. It´s a fair point that Apple is slimming down their devices each year, but the technology of lenses and flashes will also keep evolving.

If Apple does however go for the camera, they will be in a lot of markets:

  1. Computers
  2. Phones
  3. Tablets
  4. Cameras
  5. Routers (arguably not being that aggressive on this one)
  6. Cloud
  7. Music
  8. Video renting and streaming
  9. Software
  10. Television (both Apple TV and Apples new TV)
Safe to say, a lot of these markets go hand in hand, but its the issue of keeping the focus on simplicity and specialty prior to «WE HAVE EVERYTHING!!!»

I can totally understand why Apple would enter this market, seeing that the iPhone 4 is the most popular camera over Canon 5D and the four iPhones is on the top of being the most popular smartphones at Flickr.

Flickr stats for smartphones

The huge benefit and really the reason for iPhones popularity as a camera is thats its a really good phone with a really good camera. Its the device we have with us everywhere and the camera we mostly will use if needed. Sure, some bring around a camera too, but is it enough so Apple should focus on it?

Dont get me wrong; I´m curious to see this allegedly camera from Apple, but they probably dont have any rush of pushing it out.

Jailbreak My Mac, Please

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I wonder if we one day have to jailbreak our Macs. It may seem kinda odd now, but with the way Apple clearly are going with the OS X (Mountain Lion & Gatekeeper), I wouldnt be suprised that OS XI (11.0) will be hand in hand with iOS.

lasse olsen

Imagene: OS XI and iOS merging together into something called OS.

Gatekeeper is the new, well, Gate Keeper for the Mac. By default you can´t download software unless it´s from the Mac App Store or a «Identified Developer». You can adjust the settings to be only downloads from Mac App Store or have it like today where it downloads everything.

One day, instead of seeing «how to jailbreak iPhone» articles, we will see «how to jailbreak Mac».

The question in all of this is pretty clear. Is this good or bad?

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My New Custom Steve Jobs Rear Panel For iPhone 4S

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Lasse Olsen

I´m not a big fan of being called a fanboy. And although I still don’t like it, because it takes away my opinions because of being that, it´s kinda hard to hide the obvious. I, as you may have seen, are indeed a boy (where as the male gender) and I´m a huge fan of Apple – because they make brilliant products.

To celebrate my, ehm, love, I bought a rear panel to celebrate Steve Jobs. It´s bought on, but they have pulled it after I bought it. I gave around $35 for it and it was actually super easy to install. I followed the the iFixIt how-to without any problems.

So, here´s some pictures of the transformation. And yes, I need to change the front panel.

Apple Norge

This is how you look with a new rear panel, sitting casually by the window

iPhone 4S

Two iPad´s In 2012? Just Press So I Can Get My View´s Up!

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Remember the rumor about the death of iPod Classic? How it year after year was said that it would be discontinued? It´s exactly those vibes I´m getting from the «2 iPads in 2012» rumors that dominates the major tech-sites.

Do I believe them? Nope. So why do major sites do it? One word: Fucking heaps of clicks. Ok, that was five. But it´s important to emphasize why I call bull on this one.

Apple iPad 2 2012

It leaves me really no choice but to hang up the mighty bull flag and say that there probably will not be two iPads in 2012.

Why would Apple stress with making two iPads a year? If this would happen, they would start a trend, whether they like it or not, where iPad in Q1/2 is shit and the good iPad comes in Q3/4. Thereby, sales would go down on the first iPad.

I´m calling three iPads in Q2. One normal 9´7″, one cheaper 7″ with lesser prossessor and one 11″ with SD and USB slot, ultra Retina Display and unicorns coming out of the screen – feeding me with grapes in a slightly sexual, but still classy way.

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Will there actually be an iPad 3 in 2012?

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I´m willing to put a dime on that there will be no iPad 3 in 2012. Never mind the omg-there-will-be-two-ipads-next-launch rumor. Think of more that iPad 3 probably will come in late 2012 or 2013.

If we´re looking on how Apple has done the iPhone the last couple of years, its really easy to see the pattern:

    • iPhone 1G
    • iPhone 3G = iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4 = iPhone 4S

Only a major launch happens every-other year. Blame it on the 2-year contracts, the need to work extra on major releases if you will. The matter of fact is that the next iPad will probably be a speed bump from iPad 2. Let´s call it iPad 2S.

Of course, this is just a guess from my side, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is a wild one.

On the other hand, I hope I´m wrong.

Why Apple´s earbuds suck

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Ha, you probably thought this post was dedicated to how much Apples standard earbuds suck. Well, I gotta disappoint you. The positive thing in this though is that I´ve figured out why they suck – or at least I think I have.

Isn’t it weird that Steve Jobs, a self proclaimed music lover, would allow mediocre headphones to all their devices as a standard.

It´s something that I have thought about for a long while, but recently came up again when I read the biography.

Apples standard headphones

So what´s negative with the earbuds?

    1. They break easily
    2. They get dirty easily
    3. The sound isn’t all that

These three points can be summed into one point – cost – and that is why Apple have these as standard headphones.

Think about it

The earbuds only costs $29 which is a price most can pay. So when they brake which, let´s be honest, they will, it isnt that much of a investment to buy some new ones.

Because they have a mic. Because they are white. Because it signifies that the customer uses Apple – people want them.

Apple could have shipped better earbuds, but these are good enough so the user will accept them. The user will keep buying them because they are good to have. The general audience may think they aren’t the best, but it works.

Default earbuds isn’t famous for being super great, so why should Apple go to great strengths to meet a picky niche when they will end up probably buying headphones from another brand.

All in all, the earbuds is fine. And people buy heaps of them. Which = $

The iPhone 4S is a good update

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With the iPhone 4S being released yesterday, a huge wave of critics rose up saying that it was a bad upgrade. Really? When you add up all the rumors you get, pick out the cool stuff that you wish for and then convince yourself that it´s happen – you will get disappointed. But when you take a moment to think about it you can see that it was actually pretty good.

It´s twice as fast as iPhone 4, has a way better camera and supports our new overlord; Siri. Would it sell well if Siri came on the iPhone 4 too? Fuck no. But this is the key future of the iPhone 4S.

The biggest complaints on the update was the lack of new design and 4 inch screen.

Which makes you wonder.

If the iPhone 4S actually had a new design, people would be out of their seats right now – throwing white pigeons to celebrate the marvels of Apple and how they conquered a new lead on the mobile market. The design, which is kinda superficial. It would be awesome with a new design, yes, but the iPhone 4 look is pretty damn cool.

But a 4 inch screen would have been waaay cooler.

Or would it? I read an interesting post on the screen capital on iPhone 4 (3,5 inch) vs Samsung Galaxy II (4,2 inch) [which has been the popular comparison]. Although it seems cool with a bigger screen, the size makes it more clunky to use.

It´s easy to get caught up in specs, rumors and numbers when it all comes down to usability.

The iPhone 4S is a good update.