Thank you, Diggnation

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The title may signify that someone died,  but luckily it´s not that dramatic. Today Diggnation announced that they will end their awesome podcast in december. Though totally understandable, it´s sad sad news for all of us fans.

I´ve gotta say that 7 years is a pretty good run for a web series. They are a huge inspiration and a dear friend on sunday mornings. The episodes that´s left will truly be enjoyed to the fullest (as they always are).

I will now go an cry in my corner, as I reminisces all the beautiful barf-beer-at-computer-moments, but be sure to watch the reminder of Diggnation if you haven’t.

Why YouTube is better then Vimeo for podcasts

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Some of you may know my podcast loveapple TV. Since the very start, expect one or two episodes, I hosted the series on Vimeo. Now 33 episodes later, I´ve moved back to YouTube. This has set the minds of many great people in bends of why I would do such a thing. To start off, it might be good to see what my needs are around a video service

    • Easy to upload and share
    • Easy for viewers to share
    • Works on all platforms
    • Good statistics
    • Being able to host advertising
    • Being able to grow beside my main viewer source (

And since we are on the point´s section, I thought I´d without further ado write out some pointers where YouTube is better compared to Vimeo for my use.

    • Statistic – Since it´s Google owned, the statistic function is pretty  solid. I can easily compare which video is more popular, what sources led to views on my video and where people fell off in the video (just to mention some)
    • Users – It´s just more users and more common to surf on YouTube. This can potentially lead to more viewers that necessarily didn’t read
    • Advertising – It´s always good to have this option open. Vimeo doesn’t allow advertising at all.

These are some few, but very important that will help the podcast grow. Of course I could mention some more, but come on… I don´t want to slaughter Vimeo – which is really awesome at what they do. fafa In my mind, YouTube is far superior than Vimeo for my use. And I say my use because Vimeo has a way different usage field then YouTube. In YouTube you can basically upload anything from concert videos to omg-that-kitten-is-fucking-hilarious videos. Vimeo on the other hand is more a service for professional photographers, artists and so forth. I imagine Vimeo being sponsored by Canon 5D because some of the most beautiful videos on the internet are shown on Vimeo. It´s all in the name too for Vimeo (Video + me = viMEo) which I think is pretty cool. Ah, I´ve rambled on. Anyway, don’t worry. I still love you Vimeo. And you looks waaaay better then YouTube.