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It was a cold, dark evening in February. With lack of inspiration or will, I was evedentilly in my annual hibernation – following tradition as a true Norwegian. Quite frankly: I was bored. So what do you do when you´re bored and not inspired? You find that credit card and use those hard earned (kind of) money on something you really don’t need. In this case; 1000 Twitter followers.

It’s probably not hard to understand, but I’m not running for the mr. #SoMe election with this article. Buying followers isn’t something a whole lot of people talk about (although I can pick out quite a few that is way to lame to have that many followers), ´nor do I directly support the notion of buying fake followers. With that said, I was curios on how it actually worked.

Before and after buying a 1000 Twitter followers.

@hanlasse Twitter - Lasse Olsen

How do you buy 1000 followers?

Go to and choose which platform you want (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and pay those money.

For me, it took around 2 days to get the followers. Under is me, when I saw all the followers.

Lasse Olsen

Was it super-duper cool??

As cool as a in-app purchase for Boom Beach. Feels like the best decision you´ve done before you do it, but after you start to think if it was really necessary.

Don’t me wrong; Having a 1000 more followers on Twitter is pretty sweet. For a couple of days I walked with a chest like a roost. Seeing though that I’m not really doing anything special on Twitter, it hasn’t magically given me more followers. Sure, maybe someone has seen my account and thought «Dang, that boy be livin´ it up!!», but it hasn’t resulted in a lot more organic followers. Only some, but that’s probably because they see I live it up.

If you´re looking for some kind of boost for your account, this can be a tool, but you will get disappointed if you think this is a quick fix to SoMe-stardom.

And yes, the followers slowly, but steady unfollows you.

Lasse Olsen

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