Killing The Creative Block

By 23. juli 2014Opinions

Dear reader,

This post is more for me to write for myself rather then covering the general crowd. With that said, you are more then welcome to embark on a short journey of ramblings with me.

You see, I’ve gotten the terrible flu of a creative block.

I already hear the chants of «Lasse, there is no such thing as creative block!!» which I’m politely will disagree and ignore. But, if it pleases more, you can call it lack of inspiration, creative dent, rainy brain or omg-where-is-my-inspiration!

I tried the waiting game with this creative block, seeing if I suddenly get a burst of inspiration without any luck. Now it’s probably time to do something more pro-active.

So, wish me luck on killing the creative block.

And yes, you just read the whole post.

Under is a image of me illustrating having an creative block, to empathise the frustration of this post.

Lasse Olsen thinking hard

Lasse Olsen

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