Testing the Revo DS-4 dolly (Video)

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I think there’s two things that can make the most boring videos cool. Slow motion and use of dolly. Since my Canon 5D Mark 2 doesn’t support 60 fps shooting, I had to settle with a dolly. I’ve seen that The Verge does A LOT of video with the Pico Dolly. Therefor, I was gonna buy that, but then I found the Revo DS-4 which was $20 cheaper and seemingly just the same product.

So, I bought it and made a little video.

For the shoe mount, I bought the Vello Ball Head. If I where to choose again, I would probably choose something like the Oben BA-0 Ball Head – as it seems way more sturdy. Maybe I didn’t tighten the Vello good enough, but it made some of my shoots a bit jiggly.

The Revo DS-4 in itself is really good and easy to use. It sturdy when I used my Mark 2 with some heavy objects and the skater-wheels make it go fairly smooth.

It is pretty hard using a dolly as far as controlling the focus goes, especially if you’re going front to back or vise versa, but doing shoots with circular motion wasn’t that bad.

Other then that, I’m very happy with my purchase and I will probably use this on a lot of feature product videos.

And yes, that is my very cute dog Bob Skywalker.

Revo DS-4 side - Lasse Olsen Revo DS-4 side - Lasse Olsen Revo DS-4 - Lasse OlsenRevo DS-4 side w/camera Revo DS-4 side w/camera

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