The iPhone 4S is a good update

By 5. oktober 2011Apple

With the iPhone 4S being released yesterday, a huge wave of critics rose up saying that it was a bad upgrade. Really? When you add up all the rumors you get, pick out the cool stuff that you wish for and then convince yourself that it´s happen – you will get disappointed. But when you take a moment to think about it you can see that it was actually pretty good.

It´s twice as fast as iPhone 4, has a way better camera and supports our new overlord; Siri. Would it sell well if Siri came on the iPhone 4 too? Fuck no. But this is the key future of the iPhone 4S.

The biggest complaints on the update was the lack of new design and 4 inch screen.

Which makes you wonder.

If the iPhone 4S actually had a new design, people would be out of their seats right now – throwing white pigeons to celebrate the marvels of Apple and how they conquered a new lead on the mobile market. The design, which is kinda superficial. It would be awesome with a new design, yes, but the iPhone 4 look is pretty damn cool.

But a 4 inch screen would have been waaay cooler.

Or would it? I read an interesting post on the screen capital on iPhone 4 (3,5 inch) vs Samsung Galaxy II (4,2 inch) [which has been the popular comparison]. Although it seems cool with a bigger screen, the size makes it more clunky to use.

It´s easy to get caught up in specs, rumors and numbers when it all comes down to usability.

The iPhone 4S is a good update.

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