I tried the NBA 2K15 face scan – and it was pretty bad

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I’m a huge NBA 2K fan. For what it’s worth, I think it’s the only basketball game worth playing (until NBA Jam comes back with yet another sequel). With that said, I must say it hurts a bit to write this post. But, ah, screw it. Here goes…

When NBA 2K15 was announced  it showcased the face scan. With the PS4 camera, you could get your face on a custom player as you play career mode (MyCareer).

Evidently from the video under, the technology was good enough to make anyone a little wet in the panties (I sure was).

I was ecstatic. I bought the game. Borrowed a PS4 camera. Giggled home to my apartment. Tried it. Failed. Tried it again. Failed again. Tried again until I got the epiphany that it wasn’t my fault. The face scan simply didn’t work.

The scan is based on a score sum from 0 to 8000 where 6000 and over gives the best result. Of course, scoring that high of a number is an impossible feat to accomplish. And, before you say the lightning or my technique was wrong, just, don’t, because I tried EVERYTHING!.

This is me, rather happy, because it was early in the process, trying out the scan.

Lasse Olsen testing NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

It seemed it didn’t have enough light, so I fixed that.

Lasse Olsen testing NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

After that didn’t give the result I wanted, I tried to do it in front of the window with heaps of natural light. This was the result…

Face scan of Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. photo

Having it look like my face was melting can be cool, but since I’m a bit to superficial I gave it another go. Now, after a lot of tries I was able to create this face.

Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. photo

It doesn’t seem like that bad of a result, but oh god was it. It’s quick to notice when you start playing the game.

Lasse Olsen in NBA 2k15. PhotoAgain, it may be hard to see from the images, but the result was off. I say this because every time I look at these pictures I think to myself «ha, that wasn’t too bad», but when I turn on the game I quickly realize that yes, it was that bad.

Now, I feel I’m done with this rant of a post. I hope they adjust this and come back with it it NBA 2K16, because it is a very cool function. Playing as myself in a NBA game is my only shed of light at that dream of becoming a professional basketball player.

I also hope they add some decent tattoos for career mode. I wrote the last part in case some from 2K read this. Hi, 2K!

And listen, some have actually managed to get decent results. Like this guy:

Then there’s this:

I tried making my character a bit cool by changing it’s style – or at least get a feel on how I would look in corn rows (ladies would love that)

Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo Lasse Olsen NBA 2k15 face scan. photo

But, at the end, I ended up looking like this guy.

NBA 2K15 MyCareer. photo

From all the face scan drama, at least the game is very good.

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