Twitter Search is so broken

By 22. august 2011Opinions

I´m a pretty avid user of Twitters advances search. I like that it let´s me narrow the search down to specific words like «apple, mac, iphone, fcp» and users 100 miles around Oslo. The only problem is that it´s so massively broken.

It would make sense that when Twitter bought Summize in 2008 (now Twitter search), they would do some major improvements – which they might have, I didn’t use it that early – but the result are so varied on whatever order you write the keywords.

For instant; if you write the keyword mac before apple, you will get a slightly different search result then if you would have written apple before mac.

Maybe it´s because I sit with the search open eight hours a day that I´ll go a little blind by the minor bugs, but it´s still something a big company as Twitter should make a greater effort towards. Because being able to search through tweets is one of the key elements to Twitter.

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