What will happen to the iPod?

By 28. september 2011Apple, Opinions

In the year of streaming, one might wonder what will happen to the iPod line when Apple holds it´s iPhone event October 4th. It´s not a new phoneme with «death of iPod» speculations. The iPod Classic has been the favorite dead-gadget-walking victim the last couple of years, but with the music industry changing as it is something is bound to happen.

It´s not that I´m saying Apple will kill the iPod line on the upcoming event.But, where as a focus where iPod Touch will gain a even greater role, the other iPods will probably not get a update at all.

iPod´s will still be on the market though – and sell good. Streaming is the future for music, but many customers want the option to have a flash hard drive where they can store their music. iPod will not die. They will just have a way less role in Apple´s big focus group.

To sum it all up, iPod will still be alive only with less focus. iPod Touch on the other hand will be a step closer the iPads mini-me with a copy on the design and maybe a 3G option. Gasp! Can it be? Well, with the iMessage in iOS5, it is possible, but thats a whole chapter for itself.

Apple may do something drastic with the iPod line so they can stream (maybe new service from Apple soon), but until then the iPod will have to sit on the sideline as other products fill up the spotlight.

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